Florida declares order compulsory confinement by the coronavirus


Florida authorities declared an order of compulsory confinement on Wednesday as a measure against the pandemic coronavirus, when the number of positive cases is about 7,000 in the state.

Similarly, it is known that the number of deaths due to the outbreak amounted to 87 in that territory, according to the most recent updates of the Florida Department of Health.

The measure was announced by the governor-Ron DeSantis, who explained that the executive order would take effect from the midnight of Thursday, excluding the essential activities.

“Given the unique situation in Florida, today I am going to make an executive order that directed all floridians that limit the movements and personal interactions outside of the home to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or perform essential activities,” said DeSantis in a press conference.

Up to this moment in the state are hospitalized 890 people, while, of the total reported cases (6.955), the vast majority (6.694) are resident in the territory.

In the united States the number of infections has grown considerably in the latest dates to reach almost 200,000 this Wednesday, at the same time that the number of deaths exceeds the 4.300.

The greatest amount was identified in the state of New York, which has confirmed more than 83,000 people infected and nearly 2,000 deaths due to the virus, whose outbreak began in the city of Wuhan in China.

In the city of New York, hospitals are already flooded with corpses and it is thought that the magnitude of deaths caused by the pandemic there is very similar to that of Italy, where the deaths exceed 13,000.

At the global level, we have this Wednesday, almost 888.000 positive cases of coronavirus and about 45,000 deaths.

For its part, Florida, a state that receives a large number of tourists and visitors from other us regions in a constant way, has also shown a rapid growth in the number of hiv infections.

The Sunday were reported from there 4.950 cases and close to 60 deaths, which indicates a growth of more than 2,000 cases in less than 4 daysdespite the measures that the authorities have been taking to stop the spread.

According to data collected by the Florida Department of Health, the county with the most relevant figures is the Miami-Dade county, which are reported 2.202 positive cases, although the number of deaths is 7, while, in other areas such as Palm Beach, where there are 567 confirmed cases, amounting to 16 deaths.

In Palm Beach, it became known that the National Guard opened a new site to test, that would work just like the ones that are already operating in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, the second county with the most people infected with hiv (1.232).

Ron DeSantis, faced with the situation, reported that his administration was making arrangements with a company to obtain a test that detects the virus in 45 minutes, and the effectiveness of which had been approved by the FDA.

“We have asked for about 2,000 tests that we will be distributing in the south Florida and Jacksonville. Speed tests would allow us to detect as soon as possible to the positive cases and isolating them,” said prior.

The united states is the third country with more deaths reported for coronaviruses in the world, behind Italy and Spain. On Tuesday, the north american nation had already surpassed China in the number of deaths. However, in recent days they have grown the suspicions that the so-called asian giant may have manipulated statistics in respect of the outbreak.

“Each one of us has a role to play in order to win this war. Every citizen, family and business can make the difference to stop the virus… This is our patriotic duty to share,” said president Donald Trump on Monday.