Geraldine Bazan shows her legs dreamy sexy dress


Geraldine Bazán rose to your account Instagram a number of photographs where we could see porting a denim dress that comes well above the knees, in these images the actress bragged about their legs of a dream.

And is that it is clear to us that the former couple Gabriel Soto it is one of the most beautiful women there are in the entertainment industry, since their 37-year-old has a better body than women much younger than her, because he knows to keep his figure with a balanced diet and exercise.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms, and to the famous is a work tool, as Geraldine Bazán uses this network to be in closer contact with their followers, and give them messages of support and motivation, especially during this quarantine, where many people are locked up in the house.

In that sense, the actress took the opportunity to show their boredom, climbing a series of 6 photographs in virtually the same position, only that in some slipped one of his daughters, that yes, that again highlighted in these photos are the legs of the famous, which looked perfect.

Look at the pictures of Geraldine Bazan

The actress had gone through difficult times, as she had not been able to see his daughters Alissa and Alexa, who spent part of their quarantine with her dad Gabriel Soto in Acapulco.

The actress By Love without Law and False Identity, has done it all in this quarantine, from photos sexy on instagram, videos on Tik Tok to the side of their daughters, as they seek the way to pass the time, while they stay safe inside their homes.

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Geraldine Bazan has more than 4 million followers on Instagram, in fact there are very few missing to reach 5 million followers, who are always on the lookout for the projects of the famous.