Gurren Lagann: Leon Chiro and his SEXY cosplay of Kamina (PHOTOS)


Leon Chiro it is a cosplayer professional of Italian origin, during the ward world by Coronaviruses has not stopped sharing his positive attitude with his fans and on this occasion published his detailed cosplay of Kamina, being a character of the famous series of anime 2007 Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann.

The cosplayer it added an emotional message style Kamina for more 339 thousand followers of your account of Instagram, because she uses this art to help deal with the pandemic by Coronaviruses and this amazing cosplay that we show you below is one of the most order to look at the conventions of anime.

“Hold, I know that is not easy, but believe in me I believe in you, we have to stay positive and motivated TOGETHER and everything will end sooner than you think!”, wrote Leon Chiro in your account of Instagram where he also announced that soon will be a convention virtual, along with a live podcast and a special guest with video call.

The cosplay of Kamina

  • “You sharing my energy and motivation every day through my spirit Kamina! I’m preparing to share a large amount of content wonderful for you this week”

“We’ll find a way. Or we will build one! – Phrase from Kamina”

The famous Italian has fallen in love with his thousands of followers with the cosplay of Kamina, wearing an elaborate wig blue with the spiky hair of the character, also the costumes in the most iconic of Gurren Lagann with a torn red cape (a symbol of the hero).

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Leon Chiro managed to recreate the traits of Kamina with a detailed make-up, pupilentes, tattoos, blue arms, bandages and some shadows in your natural marked abdomen, as the artist is dedicated to cosplay in a professional manner to various brands of video games like Square Enix, Ubisoft and Capcom.