He saw this coming. Kiko Matamoros explodes. “Do more damage”


Kiko Matamoros

April 01, 2020
(11:45 CET)

Recently Diego Matamoros thanked their families for the encouragement and the concern they had shown for him after the communicator that had a positive coronavirus. The son of Kiko Matamoros is located isolated and alone after breaking her relationship with Wake Great. Precisely for she also had words of thanks in these difficult times and left the door open to a reconciliation. Something that is not liked to Kiko Matamoros, who he has said by active and passive that Estela is not legit.


And with more reason, he says now that he has discovered that Estela Big could be remaking your life. “Do more damage”, we write the followers of Diego Matamoros to Wake. After a time away from the cameras, Marco Ferri, known for its step-by-GH VIP 5, connected with the channel Mtmad through a video call. The young man found in Milan confined.

marco ferri wake big“I’m alone. It has been very difficult to shut myself away at home. It is a change of life very strong”admitted in a conversation with Mario Angulo. The young man chose not to go home to avoid spreading it to their parents, who are now older. When every pass admits she wants to embrace all of your loved ones and travel without stopping.

Now admits to be unmarried and would have liked to be accompanied in these moments. Mario suggested to him a game. Taught five unmarried Spanish, and asked to which you would like to know. Among them are Andrea, Yoli, Oriana Marzoli, Estela Grande and Lola. The Italian was very clear.

Trail Great has been the chosen one. Would not mind having a coffee with her and get to know her. “It is interesting… a double match”. I must say that the former Diego’s is open to love.