I break records! The third season Elite is one of the most viewed Netflix


Last Friday was the premiere of the third season of Elite, which in just four days is already positioned as one of the most views of your production house.

Previously, the first two installments of this blockbuster Netflix left more than one with the mouth open.

And this last does not seem to be the exception. There are even those who claim that this is the best part so far, and the expectations are very high for the other two that are coming.

In these new episodes, the lives of the protagonists of the popular Spanish series re-unite in search of revenge and a bit of peace to your inner demons.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most attractive options to see during the quarantine which is done by the global pandemic of today.

Not in vain, in less than a week of its premiere, the acclaimed show already positioned as the number one in various countries, such as Argentina, Mexico and even Spain.

In this third season, Elite not only repeats his protagonists, but that gives way to new members of the cast, who arrive to confirm the continuation of the series.