“I don’t know nor Justin Bieber!”


December 23, 2019
(14:10 CET)

Which has been laido in the last few hours on social networks a photo of Hailey Baldwin has been of the fat. And is that, once more, the woman of Justin Bieber has left with the mouth open to its followers of Instagram.

But eye not just because you’ve decided to share with them one of those buildings that you both like or a picture with your loved Justinbut that has been a selfie has raised a lot of dust.

We may, in fact, before one of your selfies more controversial, at least if we take into account the reactions that it has generated in the comments and in the forums for the already circulating the image in question.

The face of Hailey Baldwin

And that is, as they say many when you see the image, Hailey appears in it so changed that “You do not know, nor Justin Bieber!”. Hailey has wanted to share with her followers an image of one of their last days of work this intense 2019 but many have been left in the boxes when you see it.

“doIs she?”, “Who is this woman? Hailey sure is not”, “No recognize”, “Amazing the change that has stuck” or “If it is she certainly appears to be another” are some of the many comments in this regard.

Comments that have given way to a new debate among its followers. And it is that there are few who believe that the change is only a result of the makeup to the photo session and there are many others that are very clear that the model has made a visit recently to the plastic surgeon.

The answer to how to not, only know it. What we do know is that the debate has been of the most heated in recent times. “My mother but if it is it seems neither she” or “It has been given for Christmas a good step by the plastic surgeon” are comments that exemplify the surprise that they’ve taken a lot.