“I look at her and not recognize her!”


April 01, 2020
(13:03 CET)

There are some photos from the past that, as we all know, we wish we could erase. Especially if they are images that are circulating on social networks. And but tell that to Scarlett Johansson.

And is that, as much as the american actress does not have an official account of Instagramyour name is one of the most sought after in the social networks and there are many pictures of her that end up becoming viral.

Among other things because, as you well know, the followers and the followers of Scarlett, the interpreter is one of the celebrities most sensual of the moment and that, especially when it comes to major events, tend to wear outfits that will leave everyone with the mouth open.

The picture of the past of Scarlett Johansson

A sensuality that now, after seeing a photo of when Johansson had 18 yearssome put in doubt. Eye, not the current, but that was then. And it has nothing to do with the Scarlett now blast through the screens with which he intended to carve a niche in the world of film when I had just attained the age of majority.

Scarlett Johansson

While it is true that the fashion of that time was not the current one, there are many who consider that the hairstyle that looked so, as well as the makeup that you used, we will not sit precisely right. On the contrary.

The comments in this sense is not that have been precisely a few. Comments such as “IHorror!”, “I look at her and not recognize her!”, “What ugly was in that era for God”, “Lucky that over the years has improved” or “Mother of mine that was a tough time to fall in love with her huh…” as they fly through the networks along with an image that, while it is true that sure that their fans would like to delete (even they recognize that it is not out very nice), poses no problem for Johansson.

And is that the actress has always proven to have a personality that goes beyond his fame and has always left out of your daily routine all the reviews and the trouble the networks.