I naked Torso! Mario Casas and Miguel Angel Silvestre have competition. It Burns Instagram!


April 01, 2020
(12:00 CET)

Mario Casas has grown both in age as well as professionally, and the two ways it has done so positively. The body of the actor, full of muscles everywhere and well-defined is one of the most desired on the national scene and much more now that young is back to being single. The interpreter was known to take off the t-shirt in all his movies, however now that offer papers most adults it does on Instagram. After many years of profession, the actor agreed to take it off all in the series Instinct of Movistar+. Glad the sight of all his followers.

mario casas torsoHe closely follows our beloved Miguel Ángel Silvestre. The actor will always be remembered for his role in Without tits there is no paradise. There are still people on the street called “The Duke”. In that peak moment of their career not wearing very well and decided to leave the project after being overwhelmed by the fame. Now more calm he is grateful to the character that both has given in all the senses. Recently the actor has revolutionized the networks with a posed entirely naked, covering their parties more intimate with the hands.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre We must not forget Jon Kortajarena, the intimate friend of The neighbor’s blonde. The model was the first to pull it off all on Instagram, and challenge the censorship. And he has not done so once, but repeatedly. Not far behind Alex Gonzalez, one of the faces most desired.

Álex González

To this list of perfect men is the great John Betancourt. The cuban model farda of muscles in their latest publications. Is passing the quarantine in Madrid in the company of his current partner, actress Andrea Hard. And part of giving vent to the passion does not stop to train at home. Physical exercise is very important to him. Trains four days a week. The result looks to the naked eye. An amazing six pack and all very well marked, everything, everything. The model has made it drool at all your followers and followed with your last photo completely naked wrapped in a towel. All wanted to callese at the time of the photography.

Juan Betancourt naked torso