“I only have positive expectations about the Stereo Picnic”: Rita Ora


The Stereo Picnic is like wine, with every year that passes it becomes more and more good. And is that, in the last editions has been known to surprise us with a lot of artists that many have not thought to see together. This, edition number 11, will be the one that will have more presence of women on different scenarios. One of them is Rita Ora, who in addition to forging a career as an actress, has also stolen the heart of the audience with his voice, a single within a large list of successful women that currently make it pop. Will be on stage on Sunday the 5th of April, being one of the artists responsible for closing the three new days of the festival. The british is excited to visit Colombia and this told Publimetro:

This will be their first time in one of the music festivals most important in Latin america. What do you know of the Stereo Picnic?

I know that it’s a festival too popular in Colombia and Latin america, but I want to let me go and I will know answer to this question, because when you are with you. What I do have very clear is that I am too excited to meet my fans from colombia and play for you. I have only positive expectations on the Stereo Picnic and just hope that you are all like me.

What a lot of people want to know how is a show of Rita Ora? How do you describe your performances?

As an artist I feel that it is very important to bring energy to every show and give your best, so that is what I do every time I get on a stage. What counts is that the fans will have fun! To see my fans sing along is the best feeling, so I hope that in Colombia they do, because it will cause the show to be perfect.

Do you have a music festival favorite at this time?

It would be impossible to choose! There are many, but going to festivals is one of my favorite activities. I have very good memories with my friends, that have occurred at music festivals.

“Every day is a new lesson and I am grateful for waking up and still be alive to continue doing what I love”, Rita Ora.

Why is it important to Rita Ora Colombia and Latin America?

The culture is beautiful and the people are amazing. My fans here are amazing and I can’t wait to play alongside them. I’ve always said that I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and meet fans from all over the world. It is amazing to feel the affection of millions of people, which although are not next to you face-to-face, whenever you are doing notice by any means.

How much has it changed since its inception until now? Who is Rita Ora in this moment?

I’d like to think that I’m still exactly the same person, I have never forgotten where I come from. I wake up every day and do what I love most in the world, so I work so hard.

Will we listen to new songs or a new album this year?

I’m in the studio working on new music as often as I can. I want to continue releasing music throughout the year, so I have fingers crossed that you don’t spend much time where the fans can hear all of what I have been working on.

Many people do not know that besides being a singer, she is also an actress. When do we will see in a movie or in a television program?

I just finished filming a new movie called Twist, that is a new version of the classic Oliver Twist and that will be launched at the end of this year. I’m playing the role of the Artful Dodger, which is a traditionally male role. I would love to do more with the side of action of my career, even though many times I don’t have time between making music and touring. The truth is that thanks to all of the opportunities I have had until now in acting, I have discovered that I am really in love with the profession.

Do you think that it is difficult to develop as an artist once you’ve started a career so young?

I think that is a different journey for everyone. At least to me it has seemed to me very natural. I could not do what I do without the love and support of my family, friends and those who have worked with me. Just the support and understanding have allowed me to create things that I’m really proud and have given me the space and freedom to create music from my heart. Each day is a new lesson and I am grateful for waking up and still be alive to continue doing what I love.

About Rita Ora…

Few artists have had an impact as effervescent as Rita Ora in the pop world of the TWENTY-first Century. Born in Kosovo and raised in Notting Hill, London, Rita Ora already had a #1 (Hot Right Now alongside DJ Fresh) before its premiere recording. Roc Nation, led by Jay-Z was the label that gave him the opportunity to release their debut album, Ora2012 and debuted at number one in the Uk with a stream of successes: How We Do (Party), R. I. P. with Tinie Tempah, Shine Ya Light and Radioactive.

The singer released Phoenixhis second album, in November of 2018: a cocktail of dance, pop, R&B, and collaborations with other major artists in growth: Cardi B, Rudimental and more. Your Song and Let Love You have been two of the songs on this album that most have been heard in the world, and of course, in Colombia.

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