I sex and so much more! Úrsula Corberó and Jaime Lorente (House of Paper) is they hide it to their partners


April 01, 2020
(12:15 CET)

Jaime Lorente and Úrsula Corberó were the guests of the last show of Resistance from their houses on the occasion of the imminent premiere of the fourth season of House Role in Netflix. As always, even if the connection is from their respective homes, the interview was of the most impromptu and crazy as possible. There was room for all. They started talking about how they were living the quarantine and ended up discussing some sexual positions “appropriate” for this atypical situation.

The presenter admitted that she couldn’t stop playing GTA 5 on the PlayStation. A vice that he shares with Jaime Lorente. “I lucky in that I have is that I live with my girl and I have a little bit tied up”, explained the actor who gives life to Denver. Then intervened Úrsula Corberó that you know very well what it is this program and what they demand of their faithful followers. “In what sense?”, asked his companion. “It is not that we are sticking to the BDSM, didn’t you?” said the host, laughing.

David Broncano shared with them a series of sexual positions recommended during the quarantine period. “Avoid kissing, you have to be a sex raw, dry as fuck in Fabrik”explained the comic to the laughter of their guests. “Damn, what crappy”, dropped Corberó. “What has brought you memories?”joked the presenter.

Jaime Lorente and Úrsula Corberó on The resistance

“The virus is transmitted through feces, so it is recommended to avoid sexual practice anal-oral”continued listing Broncano. Immediately intervened Jorge Ponce, present on set, to make it even more surreal the conversation. “If we’re not going to be able to eat ass as not follamos“. Ursula was beginning to choke the theme: “Fuck, guys, I’m removing the guts a little bit, that here in Buenos Aires is very soon.”

Jaime Lorente liked to talk about this topic. “Is that I have one good and two bad”he noted with humor. Broncano launched a last piece of advice: “There is No evidence that the virus is in the vaginal fluids or semen, or whether the intercourse classic without much affection can be. You give it back to the other, washing hands before and after sexual intercourse…”.

“To fuck as well, best not to fuck. For that it is better apañarse home alone. The sex is to the release, not to be aware of everything”, zanjaba the actress who plays Tokyo in fiction. What promotion you have done to The House of Paper, because the video of the interview already exceeds one million reproductions.