“I started smoking 9 years ago”. Mila Ximenez did not know. Goes on drugs


April 02, 2020
(16:44 CET)

Mila Ximenez accepted the challenge of participating in the GH VIP 7 and lived a real nightmare. The partner of Save me wanted to get out of there, but in the end he managed to reach the final. Now admire more than ever to the winner of this reality of coexistence as Paula Gonzalez. The winner of GH 15 already revealed in the past his relationship with the world of drugs in his adolescence, although he did not give great details in your time.

Paula, who has a channel on the platform Mtmad, More than me, has explained more details of this episode in his life. His followers asked him that sincerase with them. “The first cigar that I smoked I was 9 years old, it was a cigar that I stole from my mother, I took him to the school and I shared it with some friends”, has been caught saying at the start of the video, confessing that “it was disgusting, we spent a week coughing”.

paula gonzález

There began a life in which, as he explains, “I’ve always followed my stimuli, I’ve always been ahead of my possibilities (…) I felt very attracted by this kind of temptations that did not correspond to my age as sex, clothes, extreme, piercings, tattoos, marijuana or tobacco”. Is this life not wanted to integrate to his mother, who was “lying and concealing everything,” he explains. The problem came when his mother discovered his addiction to marijuana. “That she realized what triggered a lot of problems in our relationship and never got to improve (…) was one of the reasons why the relationship did not work,” he adds.

After this issue, González went to live in Hawaii with his father. Although there did not get off drugs. “He put me to the letter, I learned very quickly and although at first it was a pain in the neck, I ended up asking for more work,” he explains. “There was total access to marijuana (…) was not a difficulty for me. I smoked a lot but I hid it to my father because I knew it was going to upset (…) I put a lot of perfume, I took many gum and until I bought some drops for it not to have red eyes after smoking cigarettes”.