If you feel isolated, in quarantine, try, write to David Harbour


The pandemic caused by a novel Coronavirus continue to scare the world, forcing people to self-isolation and quarantine. Many celebrities do what they can, for the account of the company to their fans in these difficult times, but the initiative, David Harbour, we (hopefully possible) in Black Widowis really precious.

The actor has in common with a post Instagram (visible at the bottom of the news), so that even his phone number, ask the fans of him messages and tell their stories.

“Write to me a message” the post says “please don’t, just: I Love Stranger Thingsbut with information about yourself. Where are you? What are you doing? How to do it with the work and with the money at this time? How’s the family? Something you try in this moment, it could know, for me, interesting?”

Of course David Harbour this does not excuse in advance, if you can “to have all the answers. I might not be able to read your messagebut I’m trying to compile a database of fans and friends, to see if there are simple ways to connect and us help each other in the future.”

In addition to the message, there is a video, in the Harbour, repeated more or less the same things. “Write me a few information to you. You’re a teacher? A nurse? A doctor? Work from home, work for Amazon? You’re a politician, a celebrity? You’re green, you’re worry about the rent? You could earn money?” and so on.

In the last days, in the meantime, changed the composer from the Black Widow. The new film Marvel it is of the main actress Scarlett Johansson family drama has been defined.