“I’m going to do a madness”. Kiko Hernández and Telecinco in shock


Kiko Hernández from your home

April 01, 2020
(11:30 CET)

Kiko Hernández has given signs of life, Save me. The partner is connected for the first time after three weeks of absence with the program through a video call. The tertullian has been missing due to the care of their two small daughters, but is aware of everything that happens in Save me. Both he and the program have echoed the despair of a fellow contest, Alejandro Nietoknown for his step by GH VIP 4.

The former coach of Spain is very concerned about not having information about your child in the midst of this health crisis. Your little one is a very important pillar for him. Four years ago abandoned the reality-based consequences for him. At that time the child was two years old and suffering from cancer. The direction of the program and the string made an exception and was not the appropriate sanction. He was about to reach the end, but it was much more important to be by her son’s side. I wanted to be present at his last medical review. Kiko Hernandez now has two daughters understands this to perfection.

Alejandro Nieto crying about not having news of his son

Through its account of Instagram, wrapped in a sea of tears, has asked for help desperate. The model from cadiz, has shared a video with his followers where he has ‘denounced’ does not have any kind of information of the small: “I don’t know if they are advising you well… I don’t know if I’m doing well, if what I’m doing wrong. I do not know already what to do. I don’t know how to do it“he said, visibly affected.

“I’ve been here for like a month and a half already, for 2 months, and I do not know absolutely nothing of my son. Nothing is nothing. If it is ok, if is wrong, the regular… I don’t know absolutely nothing”, regret completely broken down.

The relationship with your former spouse and mother of his son is not good. It all began when the model was moved from The Port of Santa Maria to Gran Canaria, where he lives with his current partner.As he confessed himself, the situation is in the hands of their lawyers: “My lawyer tells me that the only thing to do is to wait for the trial. I have called the point of encounter where I picked up my son and only I say that if something bad happened to her I warn you”.

Alexander has tried to get in contact with the child, even calling her mother, but it has been impossible. “I’m playing…I have called and I have downgraded. I have called up her boyfriend and also tells me if it is okay or if it’s wrong. What should I do, uncle? Is it just this?”, reported fully reclined.

“I’m desperate. I don’t know my son. I have to see it for the photos. Not hear, not hear…I have my rights. I am your father! I am going to commit a madness, because I’m going crazy already here of thinking, of believing, of thinking…”. Finally, Alejandro has made a request to his followers: “To all who know or recognize my son, we ask you please to tell him that I love him with madness, that I love him with all my heart. I ask you please”, he said without being able to avoid breaking into tears.