In the cartoon product of Angelina Jolie for the day against violence against women


To endure the stories of the tradition, the fantasy that helps you, the reality is hard, the courage of a girl, and you know it as the only instrument for combattare of ignorance and stupidity. In the Italian cinema Monday, 25 november, on the occasion of the international day against violence against women, the animated film of the Director Nora Twomeyproduct Angelina Jolie, The stories of way from the town. It is the story of an Afghan girl of eleven years, that qa ls the father decides to Muslim unjustly arrested, by the police, dress up as a man to work and the care of his family.

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The film was shot not only with a political message about the rights of women, but tried, in a pragmatic way this story through the eyes of a child, – says the Director in his notes – The father of way from the town is a storyteller, a teacher for his daughter, and when he stopped, the girl warns that empty in his life. So Parvana did something else: it gives courage, takes the destiny in the hands and decides to dress up the hair cut as a boy, and the head of the household. I wanted to make the scene pretty specifically, an understanding silence between Parvana did, and your sister, the power to undermine their relationship, but both understand what needs to be done”.

In the cartoon product of Angelina Jolie for the day against violence against women

Based on the novel Under the burka Deborah Ellis, author of the pacifist and feminist, worked in a camp for Afghan refugees in Pakistan, the film is a bildungsroman, in the way from the town, after the consciousness of freedom, the living disguised as a human, will you finally realize your goals: where is the father, closed in the prison. “We have done our best to be both authentic and artistic expression, to push to remain the medium as far as possible, true to the heart and to the text of the film. I tried a style of animation that could be good with the story, but that would have also had a strong visual imprint on the basis of the real-world experience, way from the town of Kabul up in the world of the story, his imagination.”

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