“Irresponsible”. Reported to the police. María Patiño explained in Save me


María Patiño cries socialite

April 01, 2020
(13:25 CET)

The famous, as the rest of the citizens, also comply with the confinement. The majority of the population is doing their duty, although there are also some irresponsible that they skip the rules. For this reason, acts such as those of The Pelopony have outraged many as Maria Patiño, who has not hesitated to make it public. And more for sharing it joyfully on their social networks.

Last Sunday, the artist jumped the enclosure, and was sanctioned by the security forces. His statements also helped to calm tempers. “I’ll go pay multitas, but I’m going to spend the day by the field as a goddess”, dropped a little later on her Instagram.

The Pelopony considered to be very harmful “stopping the heart of an athlete”. His attitude was heavily criticized: “Does that give me an anxiety attack strong, have to go to the hospital and catch there the coronavirus?“, he wondered as he continued walking.

After this attitude days after the artist was causing in their social networks. “Right now the possible killer sought as The Pelopony jumped the enclosure, and was found doing sport in the middle of the field when he could have infected a sparrow”. And added: “Instead of doing like all human beings eight times a day at Mercadona”.

Amor Romeira is sick and tired of this attitude and has not hesitated to report these videos to the Police. “What can you do?”sued the security Forces and bodies. “This girl goes out all the days of your home. On the other hand, has seen the rush of followers that gave you skip the quarantine and seems to want more”, he regretted Romeira.

Some followers of the singer have strongly criticized. “What a scoundrel, taking in tone of mockery when they are dying so many people by this happy virus“, he lamented.