Is born the official YouTube channel of Robin Williams with his best monologues and interviews


The August 11, 2014 he left us too soon one of the great geniuses of comedy. Robin Williams died a little over five years, leaving as a legacy a long list of roles memorable in fiction. But its beginnings were in the comedy as monologuista in San Francisco. And finally we will be able to enjoy this aspect of your race directly to YouTube.

Robin Williams

Time Life has partnered with the Robin Williams Estate to create the official YouTube channel Robin Williams. In him we can find several of his monologues and interviews with family and friends in the that will only deepen in the figure of the actor. In 2018, Time Life released for sale a collection of DVDS with over 50 hours of stand ups of Robin Williams, so I have material to spare.

The YouTube channel will debut with five clips on the 1st of April, and will be uploading a new clip every week until the end of June as the “first season”. Discover the other facet of the protagonist of ‘The indomitable Will Hunting’, one that brought so many joys professionals, but who also became part of their problems.

The documentary

Fans of the actor who want to delve more deeply into the figure, and the trajectory of the north american, are available on HBO Spain the documentary ‘In the mind of Robin Williams’, full of statements by the actor and image file to get to know you a little better.