It assaults! Come to light the photos and the video of the fight between River Viiperi and Jessica Goicoechea. Last time


Jessica Goicoechea and Riiver

April 01, 2020
(19:02 CET)

Jessica Goicoechea has been denounced to your partner after an alleged assault. The Mossos d’esquadra arrested last Friday, march 27, to model and partner of the influencer, River Viiperiin his home city of Barcelona for having assaulted, allegedly, Jessica.

Has been the own model who denució the events of last Friday at noon. Accusing the model of being the author and cause of serious injuries suffered by the body at the time you went to a patrol of the Mossos in your homelocated in the Eixample district in Barcelona.

River and Jessica

The images and videos of the fight

Just 24 hours after learning of this terrible news, the journalist S. A (SA PRESS) has brought to the drafting of Daily Goal a few photos where supposedly sees the body of the model and influencer Jessica Goicoechea full of scratches and bruises. In another of the images Jessica teaches her hand full of blood.

wounds jessica goicoecheawounds Jessica Goicoechea Jessica Goicoechea wounds Jessica Goicoechea Jessica GoicoecheaJessica wound leg broken glassjessica goicoechea She made the photographs of the wounds to report to the police. In this material, which has come to the drafting you can also see a video where the couple is in the bathroom, presumably where she, frightened, would have hidden from their partner. It enters in the bathroom to the force breaking the door glass. You can see on the floor several broken glass. She screams scared, and he raises the tone. These images that we show below scare anyone.

So they met Riiver and Jessica

Both shared ground from which they began their relationship a few years ago. Since then, the River became the representative of your partner full-time. Both was common in the Fashion Weeks of Paris and Milan, and occupied the front row of major brands such as Versace.

The hound made his debut on the runway with only 15 years as the face of the brand of underwear Calvin Klein. In 2010 won the title of best model of the year. Two years later he rose to international fame by becoming the boyfriend of Paris Hilton, though this relationship only lasted a couple of years, until 2014. At the end of 2017 confirmed his romance with the influencer Jessica Goicoechea.

Some of his followers as he wrote to the model that River was not a suitable man for her. Now almost a year ago decided to put an end to their relationship and it went to Indonesia to disconnect. At the end of 2019 are given a second chance.