“It is very big.” Jorge Javier Vázquez does it and teaches it


April 01, 2020
(12:02 CET)

The coronavirus is affecting in a greater or lesser extent to all the professions. The television is also a loser. Although citizens are not all in agreement with the injection of 15 million euros to the private channels that has made the government this week after the shortage of advertising. All the programs have been adapted to its way. Some are done from home as The Intermediate, Zapeando or Late Motiv. Others, however, are made with little influx of workers, as The Ant, or Save me, with connections for video call.

Save me has remained in the grill Telecinco during these weeks in three versions. Lucky, because otherwise we’d be seeing the same news again and again. The entertainment is paramount in these difficult times. Jorge Javier Vazquez and Carlota Corredera turns the role of presenter, while Rafa Mora, Antonio Montero, Kiko Matamoros or Maria Patiño come all day.

jorge javier vázquez will be strolling set

Because of the criticisms, Jorge Javier Vázquez has willed that the audience found that really reduced the team to a minimum. The writers are making telework and the majority of technical professionals are in their homes. The Catalan has given a return by whole set, and has shown that the cameras could count on the palm of the hand and you surfeited fingers.

“Usually do not stop to enter and exit people (…) it is always full of people and see now”. With this, the presenter Catalan has remembered all spectators must stay in their homes for this to finish as soon as possible. The Catalan wanted to remind all those professionals who are now at home. “I miss you very much. This is not the television that we know, hopefully we can be soon together, celebrating life as only Mediaset knows how to do. We want to continue living here because we are working but with you. Because without you, this is not the same”, said the presenter.