K-Pop: Kim Jaejoong of JYJ pretends to have Coronavirus and angers his fans


Kim Jaejoong of JYP, it now faces a wave of negative comments against your joke by the Day of the Innocentsince that is out of control, having lied about being infected by Coronaviruses, and many of the followers of the singer of K-Pop have not stopped to comment until they receive a formal apology.

Apparently the followers of JYP did not have to wait long before the famous singer of K-Pop decides to share his apology with all the social networks, ensuring that his intention was never to make fun of the pandemic Coronavirus but alert to his followers to take care of her.

The middle AllKPop reported that Kim Jaejoong in a publication with a box that is totally black in his account of Instagram, it was the way in which reported this “news false” on your state of health, because he had to spend a full hour to the idol declared that it was a joke with their fans.

So she apologized to Kim Jaejoong

Although the fandom of JYP was outraged with the lack of sensitivity of the idol of K-Pop, this ensured that it was his way of calling attention to all those promises they have not taken the necessary measures to prevent infection by Coronaviruses and even their fans had already written off a wave of comments for your speedy recovery.

  • “I don’t think of this as a joke of April fools Day. My family and my friends are getting sick and dying. It is never just someone else’s problem. I wanted to tell all that to protect themselves it is also the solution to protect the others”

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According to the information of kpop music, celebrity, the famous south Korean 34-year-old concluded his apology for committing the error of touching a delicate subject, and hopes to receive the corresponding punishment for their actions, but it certainly feels that got a wake-up call on the COVID-19.