Kelly Clarkson is not afraid to the new “excess of beauty”


Thanks to his last participation at the American Music Awards this Sunday, the american singer, Kelly Clarkson, quickly became a trend due to his noticeable weight gain, which made it easy prey for criticism.

And although the negative comments about his appearance did not wait, the blonde responded naturally and without hesitation, saying: “When I’m fat is because I’m happy”.

But, What does that mean?. According to the interpreter of “Because of you” and “Since U Been Gone”feels much more full and pleased with itself when you have some extra pounds more, when he sees according to the standard of beauty imposed in the entertainment industry worldwide.

“People think that must have happened something bad, because I’ve gained weight. But no, sorry, just represents the happiness of my emotional world.. In my case, usually when I’m thin is because something is not going okay,” said the pop singer.

The views reckless and malicious about his weight, did that Clarkson would take a step to the front and defended his position of keeping the image, with which she -and only she – she’s happy and at peace.

You cannot guide your life based on what others think of it. If you do, you’ll kill in a constant state of panic by trying to please everyone…That is impossible to do,” said Kelly.

After his second and last pregnancy, the press observed that the weight accumulated during their nine months of gestation, never disappeared. But, instead of responding strongly to his critics, he invited them to “concentrate on their own lives, health and happiness”, to leave the rest to do as they please.

“Before you let the opinions of others influence my personal decisions… even once thought of suicide when I don’t feel satisfied with who he was, or what others expected of me. That time has passed. I am peaceful with who I’ve become” he concluded, ” the current mentor of the popular program on american television “The Voice”.