Los Angeles Azules: Dies Martha Avante, founder of the group ¡Tragedy!


Los Angeles Blue surprised his followers Instagramwith the sad news of the death the lady Martha Avante Barrón, who is also the mother of the members of the musical group and died on the 30th of march for reasons that have yet to be revealed.

Fans of the musical group mexican from the Barrio of San Lucas in Iztapalapa wrote in the comments of the publication, its most heartfelt condolences following the shocking news, as the lady Martha Avante gave everything of themselves for their children to succeed as musicians.

According to information from Infobae, this successful musical group has as members the brothers Elias, Jorge, Alfredo, Jose Hilario, Cristina and Guadalupe Mejía Avante, who today, have also been included in The los Angeles Blues to members of their families, being founded originally in 1976 by four of the eight brothers.

  • “Ms. Martha was the mother of 8 children and founder of The los Angeles Blues. His tireless effort to seek the significance of your family will always be recognized. RIP 1926-2020”

Martha Avante was the founder of the group

Currently, the sticky cumbias Los Angeles Azules are known all over the world thanks to this musical group, but reaching the top was not easy and the lady Martha Avante Barrón was a witness of so much that it motivated their children to pursue music and her husband always helped her with it.

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Mrs. Martha Avante along with her husband slowly acquired their first professional instruments to their children with the money he earned by washing clothes, and driving buses in Mexico City; not even The Angels in Blue claim that his mother was, whom he was very attached to the group.