‘Los Serrano’: Fran Perea and Victor Elijah to come together to sing The ‘life upside down’


The quarantine by the coronavirus is giving us meetings, movies and series from the most unexpected. This time it is the turn of ‘Los Serrano’ to give us the good dose of nostalgia, daily, from the hand of two of the sons in the fiction of Antonio Resines. Fran Perea not only earned fame as an actor thanks to the series of Telecinco, also built a music career.

The Serrano

‘The girl in the next room,’ went on sale in 2003 at the height of the series. Their first single was that version of ‘one plus One are seven’ that was also header for ‘Los Serrano’. Another of the songs most memorable of the album is ‘life upside down’, which also appeared in the series and was a promotional single. Perea has recalled performing the song in concert on Twitter:

This “confinement” as it is called in he is doubly special because he is accompanied at the piano by Victor Elias, who played his brother Guille in the series. A nice meeting with that remind us of one of the most mythical that we hear in the series, and that’s probably because you don’t get off of the head throughout the day.

What are you doing?

The adventures of Marcos, Guille and the others ended in July of 2008 after eight seasons and one of the outcomes most commented in the history of television. Fran Perea is now part of the Spanish coproduction Finnish ‘Kosta’, a series that was going to present at the Malaga film Festival. Victor Elias has been dump on all of his musical career as a keyboardist Dani Fernandez, of Auryn, or Stool. You have the complete series of ‘Los Serrano’ available on Amazon Prime Video.