Marcela Mistral imitates Thalia in Tik Tok we went out just the same!


Marcela Mistral and her husband Poncho de Nigris have taken advantage of the quarantine to record funny videos for Tik Tok. In this application you can find different audio clips from movies, tv series and even songs that you can imitate grabándote mode selfie as did the famous conductor.

Marcela Mistral in Tik Tok

One of the most recent was an imitation of Thalia however, many of his followers thought that really those words had said Marcela, but no, it was a simple video for the app Tik Tok.

Here below we leave you the video to judge the facts.

“Make Me look like a fool, you don’t even read…”

“…that I do not have their own criteria and I mimic it with my husband and it seems that I am a true pend%4ja”, he says in Tik Tok.

What Marcela and Poncho squabble followed?

It should be mentioned that this application also has been the cause of various problems with her husband, Poncho de Nigris since this man is very joker, and tends to annoy constantly to your wife getting mad.

On one occasion, became angry at both his wife that even she threw a almohadazo with all his strength hitting Alfonso, this was recorded on video and was commented on by many of his followers stating that Marcela is already sick of the jokes of his partner.

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On the other hand, social networks such as Tik Tok keep the family unity as also with their children often record funny videos which shows that they have great communication between them and away from what they say the gossips, they are a happy family.