Miguel Marcos has been gone from home. Belén Esteban, alone, and depressed. Counts everything in Save me


April 01, 2020
(12:30 CET)

In mid-march, a few days before the proclamation of the state of alarm, Belén Esteban took the decision to stay home as a precautionary measure. The Paracuellos not return to space until it is safe. Despite that, it Save me has not been without his collaborator favorite. Every day make a video call with the program and shows you to Jorge Javier Vazquez and to all the viewers some of their recipes.

Recently it was discovered that it was Andrea de Janeiro who recorded. When classes were cancelled, the daughter of Bethlehem decided that it was best to get back to Madrid to his mother’s house. The presenter asked by Miguel Marcos, but it did not answer. In connection to this week’s contributor was not so happy. Vázquez know of wonder and an interest in what happened. “What happened to you, Bethlehem?”, you have been asked. The collaborator has confirmed that is not happening this confinement with Miguel Marcos.

Belén Esteban cries at homeBelen Esteban is a person of high risk for diabetes and Miguel Marcos is ambulance driver, for this reason made the decision to live apart for the duration of this confinement. “Not what I wanted to say before, but with this situation that there is that you know that I am high risk, my husband Miguel has had to go to your floor twelve days ago. Thank God that I have. You know that he and all the people who work in the Health services of Spain, that to command them all a kiss. Are having cases, and as you are with a sick Michael and I we posed that made us fear that I would catch”, has revealed to Bethlehem. And has been clarified: “He has not, nor his companions nor, that it is said to you.”

The collaborator, in tears and visibly moved, wanted to send a message of encouragement to the toilets: “I Want to send a kiss and a hug to all the health of Spain. And I want to send a big kiss to my husband Migue and all his comrades of Paracuellos de Jarama, to the Civil Guard and the Police. I would marry him a thousand times more“said Bethlehem.

The mother of Andrea de Janeiro has recognized that he misses, but now has the support of his daughter. “I miss him a lot less. He is coming, because of course I can’t go out for nothing, when I have to bring anything, but I stay on the porch and him in the door and it is when we see it in the distance. We say that we miss you. When you take what I’m going to fuck with eager…” he explained with a sparkle in the eyes: “we Spoke every day by video call, and every three or four days, comes home to bring me what I need”.