Naples. Viral post by Enrico Nappi is on the hospital Cotugno


It became the symbol of Naples, it to work, of inspired by a service of Sky UK, the post-viral Enrico Nappi that after only 5 hours after its release on Facebook, spontaneously and organically, he had already collected more than 4 thousand shares.

As we write, less than 24 hours after its release, the shares in contact 15mila, without calculating the increases, and the article as the our arrive today.

Here, the post is integral Enrico Nappi, the administrator of the page EatI loveNeapel.deto read and to share:

“Onl South-epidemic had caused untold damage, they said.

The real problem in Italy was not of the coronavirus, but around noon, they said.

Because our citizens do not keep to the rules. Because our hospitals were not on the height. Because our doctors, nurses and health care professionals are known to be absent chronic. You said.

Then we have to take care of a log, but it was not effective, they said.

The Protocol has started to work, and you have mocked, together with his Creator until it was used in half of Germany. In the meantime, elsewhere, transfers the contents were out of control, while here in the South, if also disturbing, but it was the fault of the fact that “we” we are no longer at home, because we never work to. You said.

Then #SkyUK and dedicated service in the hospital Cotugno in Naples, it describes this way: “while the speed of the storm viral used all a surprise to the North, overwhelming the staff, the doctors, the things in the hospital went another way: security and organization are very high and all the actors play their rounds by protocols are organized to make efficient hospital German model, the only one in Italy dedicated to 100%, the patients Covid-19 with zero infections between medical staff and paramedics”.

1. April 2020we remain excellence internationally and is a joke. It is a wonderful reality. Raccontatelo you Dr. Galli, if, say, I don’t have the courage yet: I have to devote to a long round of applause for our heroes in white coats, the international excellence of the health!

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