Natti Natasha if you can exit to the street (and without skipping quarantine)


April 01, 2020
(20:32 CET)

Natti Natasha it was very criticized in the early days of quarantine in this pandemic coronavirus covid-19 due to their photos on the beach, bypassing the prohibitions of leaving the house.

The singer of Dominican Republic had an incident with a lot of the haters that had gotten to her because of that to answer to the criticisms put another image in the beach, this time doing yoga.

Obviously, the response was equally bad for her that the previous publication and the messages could not be worse.

Washing image

Karol G and Becky G it came out in his support on social networks by putting pictures with it and support it after the public ridicule that had.

The singer took the opportunity to start your washing your face by posting photos with their little white dog, which may allow it to be out in the street for a while each day without being judged.

An image low minimum

Like other stars such as Rihanna for your financial aid or brazilian Anitta for their selflessness and entrepreneurs are earning these days, many adepts, Natti Natasha is not happening.

The people will not forgive their first few days of quarantine and the fact of breaking the rules by pure exhibitionism.