Nicky Minaj and Eminem confirmed to be together


A pair of unlikely but possible that formed by Nicky Minaj and Eminem. Two rappers with two different styles, sparkling and extravagant she, while he.. well, what to say, a living legend the rap music. A dream for the fan the couple that has become a reality. After the first news that wanted them together, of course, voices of the corridor, to the appointment, on the contrary, at the first appointment and confirmations of the two. But as it will be born the history between the two? Remember that Eminem is also father and has had relationships with women as Mariah Carey. We discover at every step that made them join.

The video of Nicky Minaj anticipates something

In the past few days the rapper has posted a story on his profile Instagram where does a sort of playback of a new song. The piece in question is Big Bankthe new single off of his upcoming album Queen, which will be released in less than a month. And, coincidentally, it is taken up in that part of the song where mentions Eminem. A case? Let’s see what happens after.

Eminem asks “permission” to the fans

The rapper from Detroit not to wait. The opportunity presents itself during a her concert in Boston, where he asks his audience: “Then, do you want me to go out with Nicky Minaj?”. The answer? Of course, the public said it in the enthusiastic way. But is not over here. Eminem, with a lot of videos made from another mobile phone, you continue as it sends a message to Nicky Minaj asking her to be able to attend. The video is finished Twitter and has been re-launched by the same profile of the rapper.

The fantastic response of Nicky Minaj

Nicky, from its side, the court accepts the rapper commenting below the video inquisitor with these precise words: “The fact is that he is a bit dumb and clumsy like me, love him very much. Eminem, we need you for the album Queen. Here is where it will be our first appointment; in the recording studiowith me i look into your beautiful eyes while you write your verses.” Maybe we are fooling? He friendzonato? It’s just a collaboration? We wait for the answers!

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