Pati Chapoy would have evidence about the negligence of Televisa that he killed 2 players


In accordance with Pati Chapoy and Gabriela Barajasthere is credible evidence that the death of the actors Jorge Navarro and Luis Gerardo Riverasince , according to the widow of one of the deceased, the alleged staging of the scene of action, was a real decision, and there is video of the moment.

According to the widow of the actor Jorge Navarrothe scene that caused his death, in reality wore a handrail, retaining, however, the director would have decided that the guardrail is removed for reasons of aesthetics.

Also, Gabriela Barajas, wife of Jorge Navarro stressed that the principle did not want to show the video, however, decided to mostrarselo but it is very dark, almost imperceptibly, until finally, a friend of yours could turn up the brightness to the video, percatandose that the handrail was not where it should go.

  • “She says that until a few days ago had the chance to see the video where her husband, unfortunately, lost his life, I don’t want to imagine the blow that this woman was seeing the video where her husband died, (…) learns that the director of scene of the series took the decision to remove the handrail, and caused the death of her husband and the other actor,” said Pati Chapoy.

Televisa denies that the director removed the handrail

In the interview with Window, Gabriela Barajas says that the accident was in full takes, and said that the director told repeatedly denied having removed the handrail, however, Rubén Galindo, the producer of the series says that if she had to go to a guardrail, and was the stage manager who requested the withdrawal, without prior authorization.

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  • “Here in terms of security, at the time of making them 5 or 6 metres in height, it is obvious that there must be security, a harness, a mattress, to an inflatable children’s parties, they could have saved the life,” concluded the widow.