Raúl Araiza: Expose the TOXIC relationship you have in Televisa, ¡There is evidence!


The famous conductor of Televisa, Raúl Araiza he has been giving a lot to talk about after you have started a new romance with a member of the Program Today and new features have been exposed to the media.

It is noteworthy that the driver is mexican, Raul ‘The Black’ Araiza, is a person very attached to his cell phone, and so made clear its fellow Lambda Garcia with a behind-the-scenes in the Program Today.

It turns out that by using a behind-the-scenes the actor Lambda Garcia was in charge of documenting the Raúl Araiza, while this spoke by phone and, although it was not specified who was on the call, some viewers began to draw their own conclusions.

Raúl Araiza: Expose the TOXIC relationship that has at Televisa

Raúl Araiza: Expose the TOXIC relationship that has at Televisa

The speculation about the video of Raúl Araiza

It seems that the viewers of the morning of Televisa pointed out that the presenter would be talking with Mary Amelia Aguilar, with whom, since a few weeks ago to have a romantic relationship and with whom he has seen very lovey-dovey.

But that’s not all, as they have also highlighted that Raúl Araiza might be in the midst of “a relationship toxic,” with the psychologist, the same as that before the quarantine, would be check mark constantly the driver on work hours, since they have not been able to see for several days.

Mary Amelia Aguilar is a fellow of the morning of Televisa and who allegedly gave him a new opportunity to be happy, but things between them have happened with calm, because Raúl Araiza admitted in the program With permission of Juan José Origel that “still” is not his girlfriend.

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It should be noted that the driver of the program Today, Raúl Araiza, noted in the program Origel, several points about his relationship with Mary Amelia Aguilar, one of them is that he has no plans to marry again, as well as having children with her, being something that both famous Televisa agree and now Raul Araiza will begin with a new stage in your life.