‘Rick and Morty’ announces the release date of the rest of the fourth season, and with a spear trailer


Finally! The last time we saw a new chapter of ‘Rick and Morty’ was in December of last year. Adult Swim only had premiered the first five episodes of the fourth season, and had another five to get out. Finally the chain has dropped the bomb and announced that the may 3 return to the season with the five chapters which are.

Rick and Morty

In addition, to celebrate the news, they have released the trailer with scenes of the five episodes. The advance is everything crazy that we could expect from the adventures of Rick and his grandson: armor gundam, references to ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, tanks of acid and Summer, apparently, lost. We also have the return of Tammy Gueterman, to which we did not see from the third season.

Warming up the engine

‘Rick and Morty’ has already started to warm up for his return a few days ago with the launch of a violent short film anime set in the medieval Japan. Do you have some kind of connection with the new episodes?

The five chapters of ‘Rick and Morty’ that are debuting on Adult Swim on may 3. In our country can be seen on HBO Spain.