Rihanna and the photo (unpublished) dressed in aviadora it without nothing underneath! (Eye to the surprise)


April 01, 2020
(12:50 CET)

Rihanna you know very well that each and every one of their publications in social networks will be analyzed in detail. Yes, because that happens to imply that the singer Barbados do not hang up content, at times, rare.

There have been various times that the singer has opted for hang pictures or videos that have left more than one with the mouth open. That is why, from time to time, Rihanna combines promotional images with content more personal.

His last publication is, in fact, is an appeal to citizens to donate money for different causes they are doing in front of a coronavirus that has already been installed and is already causing havoc in United States.

The photo of Rihanna

It is perhaps for this reason, to see that Rihanna not that it’s a celebrity hang always promotional content on their networks, their followers have created some accounts in networks that do upload content that the artist always goes out great.

And one of the last photos of one of these accounts has left many of its fans without words. Among other things, because in them we can see Rihanna as not the had never seen before: get dressed aviadora with a vintage style that has petado!.

And he has done so because, apart from that, how not to, in which appears the singer “extremely beautiful”, he does so with an outfit that shows that, underneath the jacket, don’t wear anything.

Some images are very sensual that have caused many to give the button like, as well as thousands of comments in the social networks. “How beautiful and how sexy is this girl by God”, “I’m Not surprised that has been so successful”, “you’re beautiful Rihanna” or “One of your session photos in which they appear more attractive” these are just few of the many opinions in this regard.