Rosalia surprised with a change of look in the middle of the quarantine


The quarantine Rosalia is giving a lot to talk about. After seeing how he had mounted a study in the living room, bring out a new single (Hurt) and leave through Instagram with the open mouth a sensual toplessthe Spanish has surprised the world with a new change look.

During the last few years, the singer has not changed much of its appearance beyond its spectacular manicures, that perhaps they are surpassing in extravagance. However, in regards to your hair has always been virtually the same appearance: long brown. The only slight change that it has undergone was at the Grammy awards this year when he gave a touch of blond at their tips. It is almost imperceptible.

Perhaps this is the change that has made this quarantine has surprised in a big way to your community of followers.

The artist has opted for a fringe to the height of the eyes that still don’t know if it has done it herself with a pair of scissors, or to have asked someone for help, but the truth is that it is great and in this match most of their fans, who have not stopped piropear to the interpreter With Height in addition to the publication in which it displays the result of your change of look:

But Rosalia is not the only famous who has decided to change appearance during the quarantine by the coronavirus. Other left without words with its styling was Ricky Martin, who during the first days of confinement dyed her hair purple at the request of his son Valentino.

However, this color lasted a little bit because he decided to raparse shortly after.

Maluma it has also been one of the artists who have chosen to wear a new look during the quarantine period and also to shave off the hair when he reached 50 million followers on Instagram.

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