Selena Gomez goes out to the street with a dress and nothing underneath (and this happens)


Selena Gomez EFE

April 02, 2020
(13:39 CET)

Selena Gomez has become in recent years one of the singers with the highest number of followers on social networks. While it is true that, when she was a preteen already started to become very known thanks to the appear, like Miley Cyrus, in the series of Disney Channel, has been in recent times when the american has managed to establish itself as one of the celebrities most important in the world.

In fact, something that shows that the fans of Selena it is not that they are of step is that, even when Gomez he spent several eses disappeared from the social networks due to which he was admitted in a psychiatric clinic treating the problems of depression and anxiety, the ‘return’, your number of fans was even greater.

A Selena that, in this process of therapy and personal work that happened a few months ago, matured. And much, according to those who best know it. In fact, one of the main changes that has been seen on the singer is that, unlike earlier times, Gomez ya not fa much importance to his physical and to the fact always wear outfits sensual.

The dress Selena Gomez

In fact, while it is true that now it has already lost some, many were left in the boxes when they saw Selena with a lot of weight “more” on the way out of the psychiatric clinic.

It is for this reason that, while this ‘new’ Selena like, and a lot of, among its most faithful fans, there are those who have opted these days for quarantine to regain some of their outfits more beasts of the past.

Selena Gomez

Outfits like this, as you can see in the pictures, the singer leaves very very little to the imagination. It’s almost unthinkable to imagine a Gomez going to an event today. Now Selenamuch is still so sexy as always, opts for another type of outfits not so “obvious”.

Selena Gomez