Singers and Spanish musicians unite for a new version of “Resist”, the hymn of the quarantine


The song I will resist it has become an anthem for the spaniards in the fight against the coronavirus. During the last few weeks the topic has not stopped ringing in the terraces and balconies all over the country and now a new version promises to bring singing to the neighbors. Dozens of artists and musicians have come together to create a new version of the iconic theme of 1988 and with it, to make front to the quarantine with music, good energy and positivism.

Fifty musicians and singers Spanish have worked from their homes to create this version of the song from the Dynamic Duo. Among them are such renowned artists as David Bisbal, Pastora Soler, Melendi, Alex Ubago or Manuel Carrasco, which have given voice to the song, perfect for lifting the spirits in these days of confinement.

In addition to convey a great positive energy and a message of hope, this initiative has been born with a charity, and it is that the song Resist 2020 aims to raise funds for Caritas, an official organization of the catholic Church in Spain for charitable action and social.

Here is the fantastic result of team work:

The singers who have given voice to this hymn are: Álex Ubago, Alvaro Soler, Andrés (of the group Dvicio), Andrés Suárez, Blas Cantó, Carlos Baute, Conchita, David Bisbal, David Otero, David Summers, Despistaos, Diana Navarro, Ele, Georgina, India Martínez, Iván (Effect Hall), José Mercé, Josemi Carmona, Manuel Carrasco, Melendi, Mikerl Erentxu, Nil Moliner, Pastora Soler, Pedro Guerra, Pitingo, Rosana, Rozalén, Roller, Sofia Ellar, Susana (from Butterfly Effect) and Vanesa Martín.

During the last few weeks we have seen more music like this.

In fact, a few days ago a group of cuban artists joined their voices to throw a powerful message through the international language of music. The result was The earth is cryinga moving song to which he gave voice Juan Guillermo Almeida, Laritza Bacallao, Yali, Kim and Dany, Lenier Table, Issac Delgado and Wampi.

In addition to proposals group, other artists have composed themes in solo to liven up the quarantine and thus contribute their bit to the cause.

Alejandro Sanz, for example, he composed the theme The world outside, inspired by the situation in which we are living.

For its part, the singer and songwriter Ariel from Cuba launched a few weeks ago a topic to encourage people to stay at home and avoid the spread of the coronavirus.