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The final Hunger Games or what Matrix? To see the challenge on TV this evening, between the film clearly on the digital terrestrial exciting. Hunger Games: the song of the revolt, part 2 or Matrix Revolutions?

But be careful, too Pirates of the Caribbeanthe first Chapter of the saga de The pirates of the Caribbean. The first Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow in our lives.

tonight in the tv movie johnny depp

The first Jack Sparrow in our lives. The pirates rockettaro and hobo John Depp is the superstar tonight on tv: Pirates of the Caribbean you see it on channel 5 until 21.20. But there are other…

If you want something less “giocattoloso” will not miss you The Captivethriller under the snow and ice (see…) with Ryan Reynolds. Lust, Comedy the pink? Pierce Brosnan in The friend of my sister is the film for you…

In short, a night and a moustache. To see with many super films clear, on the digital terrestrial. Eccoveli here.

Tonight on TV: the movie and star are there?

We start with him, Johnny Depp alias Jack Sparrow, the pirate N-1 of the international cinema. Pirates of THE Caribbean is the movie that has the saga de The pirates of the Caribbean. The pirate Barbarossa kidnapped Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), the daughter of the Governor. The prosecution and the dandy Wants to PERFECT Turner (Orlando Bloom) and pirate rockettaro/hobo Jack Sparrow… adventure and a revival of the film about the pirates, because the bandana and eyeliner, and the charm of Johnny Depp:! ON CHANNEL 5 TO 21.20

MATRIX REVOLUTIONS is the Grand finale of the trilogy from the Wachowski brothers. The machines are to give, the attack finally to Zion, the last fortress of mankind. How can you resist? In the meantime, Neo (Keanu Reeves) wakes up in a world separated from the Matrix, as well as real… In the balance, men train to be dominated… Is the movie of the parts had to Matrix 4always with Keanu Reeves. They had only just begun, and the shooting, when the disease has also broken out of the Coronavirus. ON CHANNEL 20 MEDIASET UNTIL 21.05

tonight in the tv-film light-matrix revolutions

The Grand finale for the Neo Keanu Reeves: Matrix Revolutions is on channel 20 Mediaset until 21.05

The other big final tonight on TV, the HUNGER GAMES, it is. THE SONG OF THE REVOLT, PART 2. From the arenas of the games, the total war. Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) has agreed to his estino. She is the undisputed leader of the rebels. Your mission, now, you come face-to-face with President Snow. Is the final showdown. Katniss knows that he is on his team… ON ITALY, from 2 TO 21.20

THE CAPTIVE is a thriller filrmato Atom Egoyan, the canadian Director of the mystery very raffredati. In this case, even under snow and ice. The story is about a father (Ryan Reynolds), in which you kidnap the daughter, girl. Scomoarsa in nothing. Eight years later, but is convinced that her daughter is alive. And trying to convince you, the detectives, the closed at the time of the case, open it again… ON RAI MOVIE at 21.10

KILLERS is a strange mix of comedy and spy story (the Director is the same Legally Blonde). He (Ashton Kutcher) and they (Katherine Heig) meet in the holidays. To fall in love. You are going to be married. Everything ok for a couple of years. If done then begin to partridges things. Someone wants you? Why? The fact is that he is a killer… ON the PARAMOUNT CHANNEL, THE 21.5

tonight in the tv-movie, pierce brosnan, jessica alba

Pierce Brosnan, divided between Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba in The friend of my sister, Comedy pink evoci on The 2 to 21

The Comedy pink of the evening THE FRIEND OF MY SISTER. Pierce Brosnan is really sublime and irresistible, all the smilies (the his) and the serenity of the conqueror of Brit style. Makes the prof of poetry in Cambridge. A history with Kate, his student, of the expecting a child. Then Olivia, the only woman knows the location, close to the head… The sisters, Jessica Alba (Kate) and Salma Hayek (Olivia)… ON the A2 TO 21

Good evening, tonight on TV…