“Stops Save Me”. Paz Padilla is not what I expected (and is serious)


paz padilla via skype

April 02, 2020
(16:04 CET)

The COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, is changing the global landscape, without a doubt. Is not letting puppet head on none of the sectors of our society, nor in the television. Each day I wrote down a long list of the famous who have contracted the disease and now it seems that you can join Anabel Pantoja.

The niece of renowned vocalist might be infected by this damn virus that is hitting hard to our whole planet. In a video posted on Instagram from the sofa of his house, Anabel explained in the last few hours that has had the typical symptoms of the coronavirus: fever and a dry cough. Before this, he has preferred to stay at home, put in quarantine and not go over the set of Save me (or of course any other set of T5) until it is completely healed.

Don’t want to put in danger the rest of his mates desktop. In fact, many of them have already been absent in the last days and the format has lost the spark and brilliance it had before. Without public and strictly respecting the safety distance recommended by the health authorities, Save me is not the same as yesteryear.

The Anabel is more supportive

The collaborator of Telecinco, has not hesitated to not be tested for the coronavirus. She could have done that without any kind of problem, since that money is not missing, but has deciddio be empathetic with the rest of his people, and choose the best option: stay home. Aware of the gravity of the situation, the niece of isabel Pantoja has acted with responsibility and in the video also has expressed that has not done the test because there are people that need it much more than she enjoys a health great to the looks of your wedding.

Messages of encouragement

Without a doubt, the andalusian is not alone in this fight against the COVID-19. All of its followers of Instagram, Twitter and all the biodiver sity newsletter and media support, and they know that, if Anabel fulfills to the letter the quarantine, there is not any danger. Of well-segur that will recover.