Terrible. Nagore Robles and Sandra Barneda are very concerned. “I’m going to kick you out of Telecinco”


April 02, 2020
(16:16 CET)

Toñi Moreno is a new mother, something that I thought I would never get there, and right now all it is your first time. The mother tries to do the best I can, though it might sometimes make mistakes. Just two months after the birth of your little Lola is confronted with an extraordinary situation and for that she, like everyone, was not prepared, much less imagining with a baby. The country, like the rest of the world, is in a health crisis of great magnitude.

The communicator in this situation has been taken in the capital. Moreno was involved in the recordings of MYHYV that were cancelled after the proclamation of the state of alarm to see that it was unfeasible to do the program with so many people so close. The andalusian had no choice but to stay in Madrid with her daughter Lola. Sometimes gives a drop to be found alone in such a big city without feeling the heat of his family who is located in Cadiz.

On numerous occasions, via their social networks or their newly released channel Mtmad, has left a record of the solitude in which he lives. Is more, last week he went to the pharmacy with the girl. The last Tuesday of march 31, published an image which is photographed in the elevator with a mask and sportswear. In the text he wrote of their intentions: “I’m going to make the purchase for the entire week.” Was protected with gloves and mask.

I wanted to make clear that she bought for the whole week so that you don’t tell me that goes out to all hours like they are doing thousands of spaniards. However it is facing criticism worse. Where is Lola? Do you have erased the Photoshop? Just two months and are living mother and daughter alone at home. Without anyone else. In addition, if there is no one else living in the house for a protocol, no one should enter into it until the end of the quarantine. The presenter has not clarified the doubts of his followers, but many already refer to as “bad mother” or “you are able to have left you alone at home”.

And there are even more because some of his followers have set in your attire. It is true that being in quarantine nor are you going to fix it and much less to go to make the purchase, but the andalusian was dressed in running from top to bottom. What I was going to run or make the purchase? There we leave it.

The case is that Toñi Moreno is turning out to be very hard and difficult this quarantine. Through its new channel Mtmad publishes videos where account your day-to-day and teaches her new personal challenge. Do sports to take care of your body. “46 years, I have just give birth, and I have not done sports in my life, that’s why I’ve asked the directors to let me in 15 days does not sit on the stairs because I have sciatica”, he confessed nothing more to return to television.

toñi moreno“Is costing Me the life in the topic of food,” he commented to all of his followers during the new chapter of your channel Mtmad.“This is being harder than giving birth, but I can’t fallaros,” he assured. The communicator has confessed to his friend, Pastora Soler who is concerned because he believes that the cast of Telecinco by catch weight. “I have begun to make sport a little bit, but keel, the topic of food… I’m picking up weight. I’m going to kick you out of Telecinco”, has confessed.


“It happens to Me that I’m going to buy once and I go in the supermarket that it seems that the world outside is just. I have the fridge that looks like that lives here a large family, not to go out,” he assured. Something that Pastora Soler has wanted to help: “you have to do is to not have things, not having much food. When you can, take advantage of the moments”.