The emotional poem of Alexis Valdés dedicated to the health workers of Cuba and the world


The cuban actor Alexis Valdés has become to be use of their muses to create some beautiful verses in which plasma some of their thoughts and deepest feelings.

After launching a breath of encouragement and support to his followers through a writing called Hope due to the global crisis that is being lived by the spread of coronavirusnow the popular artist has shared a new poem in their social networks, but this time dedicated to the health workers of Cuba and the world who are on the front line of battle fighting against the pandemic.

Alexis Valdés attacked first of all the doctors for their “immense generosity” and refers to them as the “heroes in white coats” who are leaving the skin in hospitals to help the victims of the COVID – 19 while bet “his life” to save “the lives of others.” Also, it is referred to as the “souls of the hospitals” and heroes without medals”, that are making history thanks to his dedication, empathy and effort.

Below we reproduce the poem written by the noted humorist:

All the health workers in the world, I dedicate these verses. It is my way of saying Thank you. By the immense generosity of risking their lives for us. All the applause in the world to you that they are the best of humanity. My humble verses.

Heroes of the white gowns.
To those who bet your life
saving the lives of others
To show the smiles
bringing the broken heart.

To those that overcome the fear
devouring hope.
The arriving waste
at the door of his house.
These women and men,
souls of the hospitals,
is the play on your name
and of all mortals.

Heroes of the white gowns.
Heroes without medals.
How much we owe them all
I wish I won’t forget.

They are now our saints
The more daring the more strong.
Those who face the terror
and save us from death.

What they have done is now history.
Nothing will fall into oblivion.
Because you will have your glory
everybody who is left alive.
Alexis Valdés.
THANKS again.

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