The Harsh heats of quarantine in Miami with a sexy posing in bikini


Dilimane Jouve, known within the entertainment cuban The Hard, wanted to bring joy to their thousands of followers of the social networks in these times of quarantine that is live due to the spread of the pandemic coronavirus and has given to them a spectacular perched in a bikini.

The partner of the cuban singer of urban music Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, or simply Jacob Forever, shared on his profile of Instagram a photograph in which appears a very sensual, sitting on his knees, while wearing a bathing suit in white two piece with beading that highlights your spectacular figure.

The image of The Hard it has been very well taken by their admirers, who have not taken in to flatter your beauty and silhouette of a creole woman with loving comments that you have left in the own publication.

“Hard not to, very hard,” he wrote to a fan making an allusion to his nickname, which he won after starring in the year 2015 the video clip self-titled Jacob Forever.

Other fans, for its part, has left the young man some messages in which, in their majority, they thank him that they have “gladdened the eye” in these difficult times of confinement at home.

“Wow, you are beautiful, thank you for rejoice in the view during this quarantine,” “Beautiful it is a little, you’re a goddess”, “Many blessings to you princess, you’re a queen”, “Thank you for delight us with your beauty, during these days of coronaviruses”, “you’re beautiful, every day I live pending your new photos, a sea of blessings and health for you doll,” or “God bless you, you are an angel”, just to mention a few.

Although there are still a couple of months to begin the months of sun and sea, lately The Tough has been moving up the stage this summer with sensual perched summer with who in addition has taken the opportunity to launch a another message of struggle.

Go no further, three weeks ago, the wife of The Immortal she shared a snapshot in which appeared posing inside of a pool in a bathing suit and she made a call to normalize the real beauty to teach their stretch marks.

“Eye… I Could have put in another angle where the camera does not notice my stretch marks, but why hide them? On the contrary, I feel proud of them as they are the proof that I brought life into this world. The moral of the story, feel beautiful just as you are,” said The Hard in your day next to the post.

Many were the women who were identified with its reflection, and they appreciated that display the brands you have in your body, which is one of the figures most enviable within the virtual environment of cuba.