The ‘life of Brian’, the classic from the Monty Python conquers the coronavirus (in audience)


To help in these times of quarantine, many media we are diving in the catalogues of streaming platforms to recommend movies and series. We rescued 75 movies from Netflix, for example. But there is a very interesting phenomenon, that someone should study, according to which many spectators end up preferring to appeal to what all of life: the traditional television, in which a person has decided for them what they should see.

The 'life of Brian'

The only way to explain that The ‘life of Brian’, a movie from 1979 that is available on Netflix and Netflix, has swept audience into its broadcast this Wednesday, at La 2 of TVE. The comedy of Monty Python was seen by 1.425.000 viewers (7.5% audience share) according to Formula TV, on top of a special information about the coronavirus emitted by Antenna 3 and was seen by 1.133.000 viewers (to 7.8% in gaza strip).

A fact that demonstrates, moreover, that the public is saturated with information about the crisis epidemiological that we plagues. Much better are running entertainment programs such as ‘Come dine with me’, ‘Masters of the seam’ or ‘The Anthill’. On the other hand, the issue of ‘Killing Eve’ for the first time in the open has passed without penalty or gloryperhaps his audience had already seen in his time on HBO and has not grasped the attention of spectators of ages most high continue to view fiction in the traditional television.

Cinema beyond the cinema

The case of The ‘life of Brian’ is similar to another recent film that has found an unexpected success in The 2. ‘Lady Bird’the debut in the direction of Greta Gerwig (‘little women’), was issued on the 21st of march in the string public and was seen by 513.000 spectators. Figure might appear discreet, but it is interesting to compare it with how many people went to the cinemas Spanish to see it: 252.923. That is to say, the movie had more than double the audience in their broadcast on television in his step through the halls of cinema.

One more case of second life of films of modest budgets than in the cinemas ended up not finding your audience. Just what has happened with ‘The Hole’, a small international phenomenon on Netflix that had only raised 219.764 euros at the box office. The big screen has been relegated to events such as ‘Avengers: Endgame’, while the rest of the film, classical, indie, author, the adult, have their refuge in the small.