The most popular myths about divorces

Divorces are a part of your lives. No matter how hard people try, sometimes, there is nothing they can do to save their relationships. And just like any other aspect of human relationships, divorces also are surrounded by various myths and speculations. Today, we want to deal with the most popular of those myths.

  1. Second marriages are much stronger

This myth is based on the opinion that all people learn from bitter experience. But in practice, everything turns out differently. According to statistics, second marriages tend to end up with divorces twice as much as the first marriages. This is due to the fact that the first marriage for a person is something special in life and unique. And it is not that simple to decide to get divorced for the first time. While, in the second marriage, people may get divorced because they expected more from their marriage.

  1. Being alone is good, and it makes you feel younger

Most scientists believe that the state of human loneliness is as dangerous for both physical and mental health. Yes, lonely people have more free time that they can devote to themselves. However, as a result, more often lonely people, instead of traveling around the world, doing yoga, or having some kind of hobby, acquire a bunch of bad habits. According to statistics, single people smoke more by 26% and drink more by 18%. Also, being alone is much more harmful to men than women.

  1. Living together before marriage strengthens relationships and future family life

Cohabitation is not that bad. When people decide to live together before the marriage, they truly can analyze whether they are ready to spend their lives together or not. However, it may make one of the partners think why the other one doesn’t want to get married? Thus, instead of strengthening your relationship by cohabitation, you may destroy it.

  1. After divorce, men become richer than women

Some people believe that after divorces, men become richer and can spend more money, for example, on their favorite dating sites with single women. However, this is not true. This myth appeared because people believe that there is still a wage gap and a glass ceiling in our society. Thankfully those issues are no more, and men and women are approximately equal these days.
5. Children can save marriages

Too many young women believe in this myth. When they see that their relationships have problems, they, instead of solving those problems, want to get pregnant, believing that a child will help them to reunite with their partners. Nope, this won’t work. By doing this, you are risking to find yourself raising your child alone.

  1. Conflicts and scandals may lead to divorce

You see, even the happiest couples have problems. Conflicts serve to resolve those problems. Thus, you should never fear them. Instead of fearing that your conflicts may destroy your marriage, pay attention to resolving your problems. Conflicts can even influence relationships positively if both partners have a hot temper. Such “pepper couples” often are very happy in their relationships even if they quarrel more than two times a day.

  1. Late marriages are stronger and more durable

In theory, a person should gain experience with age. Therefore, according to myth, marriage will be more stable if you get married later. Because you will avoid stupid mistakes caused by stubbornness. However, according to statistics, marriages that originated after thirty are two times less likely to withstand the burden of family ties. This is due to the fact that in younger years, a person perceives everything new more easily. For this very reason, young people generally are more stress-tolerant. Also, with age, it becomes harder for people to give up on their habits and adapt to living with romantic partners.

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