The nice initiative of influencers cuban to entice people to stay at home for the coronavirus


Since the beginning of the health crisis by the coronavirus, the influencers and famous all over the world have not hesitated to make use of their different communication channels to create awareness about the various protection measures to take in order to avoid further contagion and spread of the pandemic.

The influences of Cuba, they have not remained behind and also have joined to make a call to the population to stay in their homes and comply with the quarantine for the good of all.

Nine young people from the island have joined together to create a sympathetic image composed of several pictures of them that appear holding a placard, which in their entirety can be read in the most pure style of slang cuban: “we’re in this together. Stay in your house. Enjoying your gao”.

In addition, the girls have created this initiative to remind all those that read that don’t forget to take hygienic measures relevant to keep away from coronavirus. Also, to launch a message of encouragement and support ensuring that “soon we will leave this situation” and no one is alone in these difficult times.

“We know that we are going through a difficult time, but today we want to let them know that they are not alone. No matter if you’re rich, poor, it does not matter your color, and in which country you live, we are all in this together. Soon we will leave this situation, let us hold each other, not afraid that all will be well. Remember to take all the hygiene measures and mainly it Stay at home!”, expressed in the social networks.

Photo courtesy to CiberCuba

Each of these influencers cuban is dedicated to the development of different branches of the entertainment within the virtual environment, such as tutorials, makeup, fashion tips, life style, or promotions.

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