The photo of an unrecognizable Adele with a tight mono vinyl that everyone says after your huge weight loss


Adele was surprised when earlier this year reappeared after having lost a huge amount of weight. There were many kilos that is
handled: if 20, then 45 and up to 70. Be that as it may, what is clear is
the artist has changed radically its image.

There is nothing more to see a photo of yourself that already circulates on the
social networks and all over the world says
. I give up to the play to see it!!! In
she the singer appears with a set mono vinyl with embossed ‘animal
print’ with matching hat, sporting a long mane of curls and perches looking to the
camera while sipping on a straw in a drink.

It doesn’t seem it! Since then, after his radical change of
image Adele luce is a physicist completely different that has left very but that
very surprised his followers.

Insurance that interests you…

The obsession of Adele for the pounds after her amazing weight loss