The series ‘Resident Evil’ from Netflix … it is in limbo for the coronavirus


New production that has fallen a victim of the crisis epidemiological which we are living. The series ‘Resident Evil’ prepares Netflix sounded like a dream come true for fans of video games and the film saga directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and starred Milla Jovovich. But for that dream to become a series, we’re going to have to wait longer than expected.

'Residentemente Evil'

By the break that is suffering from the audiovisual industry around the world due to the COVID-19, the filming of the series ‘Resident Evil’ that I was going to start in June has been cancelled. The head of the production company Constantin Film, Martin Moszkowicz, has assured to Deadline that they had to stop the production of 30 series. One of these is the fiction of zombies that will prepare you for Netflix.

According to extends Slashfilm, ‘Resident Evil’ is going to roll in south Africa, where they were going to start preparing the locations at the beginning of April. At the time, the company is in discussions with the streaming platform to look for new filming dates.

Announced in January 2019, this new series is planning to expand the universe of the films, instead of adapting the original story of video games from Capcom. We still don’t know more details, like the release date or the cast, but in February it was leaked a purported description, which has not been confirmed, and that said thus: “The city of Clearfield has always remained in the shadow of three giants in appearance not related to each other: the Umbrella corp, the Psychiatric Greenwood already dismantled, and Washington, DC. Today, 26 years after the discovery of the T-Virus, secret of the three will be revealed at the first signs of an outbreak”.

‘Monster Hunter’ continues

While ‘Resident Evil’ moves to the small screen, Anderson and Jovovich, who are also a couple in real life, you have to adapt another successful video game. ‘Monster Hunter’ is scheduled to premiere fall, and according to the producer, for the moment we maintain plans: “‘Monster Hunter’ is scheduled for a world premiere in September. This week we deliver”, ensures.

Rounding out the cast Tip “T. I.” Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta, Josh Helman, Jin Au-Yeung and Ron Perlman. The story will revolve around the lieutenant Artemis and his battalion, who are transported to another world in which they will have to fight against beasts, giants with incredible powers.