The tattoo secret of Lara Álvarez in an intimate place (and be seen in this photo)


April 01, 2020
(12:03 CET)

Eye because there are not a few followers of Lara Álvarez starting to be concerned by the host of Survivor. Among other things because, unlike what is usual in it, Lara it takes many days not to hang anything on their social networks.

His last publication, and indeed, has the date as 19 march. It is evident that, most likely, is that, given the dramatic situation that is occurring in Spain due to the coronavirus, the last thing you have on mint now Lara it made these photos so brutal and in idyllic surroundings and upload them to their social networks.

If it did, if you went up the content that tends to go up whenever that is Honduras presenting the program Telecinco, surely more than one will attack you for it. If that is l amount for which the scandal of “the people is delayed” is still kicking, Alvarez you prefer to stay on the sidelines.

The photo of Lara Álvarez

That is why, surely pushed by nostalgia and want to know more about Lara, many of his most faithful fans are remembering and recovering her best photos.

And one of them has returned to give much to talk about, among other things, because in her, although she is not precisely a foreground, we can see a tattoo of Lara in a intimate part. You can barely distinguish what it is, but many have already been quick to comment on the networks as well that you have left.

I find it very sensual”, “Looks like a star…how can you!”, “This girl has good taste even for tattoos”, “what a shame To not see that is, but it is clear that it makes you even more sexy” or “I love” are some of the many comments in this regard.

Let’s see if in the next few days Lara opt for re-hanging content on their social networks or follow by keeping the distances. Many, apparently seen, have wanted to ‘return’.