Two streets of Paris, trapped in 1942 since they stopped filming by the coronavirus

Do you feel that you live in a Groundhog Day eternal? Can you imagine adding a leap in time? So are the neighbors in the parisian neighborhood of Montmartre, that every time they break their quarantine to get down to the street for the basics, because they are given a ride by 1942. And is that the coronavirus, which did not fail to give notices, caught us off guard also, and the leaders of the French film ‘Adieu Monsieur Haffmann’ very hands-on in the mass. And is that the director and writer of the aforementioned film, Fred Cavayé, and his team, had to leave the filming indefinitely to embrace the isolation that sank the city. As well, the fruit of haste and the need to pause life to stop the pandemic, the streets Berthe and Androuet have been frozen in the ‘ 40s, in the midst of the nazi occupation.

The tape that was made of the above-mentioned corner of Paris his set of foreign is based on an award-winning work that tells the story of Joseph Haffmann, jeweler jew who is forced to hide out in the basement of his store when at the beginning of the war the Nazis do with the city. Starring Daniel Auteuil this movie had set the above-mentioned streets with posters German, posters, propaganda of war and various facades of false appropriate to the era, including a shoe repair shop, a tailor or a of corsets.

  Streets of Paris caught up in 1942
  Streets of Paris caught up in 1942

Life, a movie

Between the jokes recurring confinement is one that fantasizes about all those movies about the coronavirus that we’re going to suffer when you are finished everything. Or so we thought, that would be the end of the road, but not, there is already a film focused on this pandemic that has forced us to isolate ourselves from the world. ‘Crown’ is the title of the tape the canadian filmmaker Mostafa Keshvari, a story that takes place entirely in an elevator when they go up several neighbors with their circumstances. The narration plays with the way in which the panic starts to take over the protagonists emphasizing what sells the promotional phrase for the movie “fear is a virus”. Here the trailer, for you curious.

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