Úrsula Corberó loses virginity with this famous. I pump in The House of Paper!


April 02, 2020
(11:50 CET)

There are a few that are waiting for you to pass the hours for that Netflix to premiere the fourth season of The House of Paper. It will be this next Friday when I return one of the series that has triumphed in recent years in our country.

A series in which, as is well known by its followers, is no other than Ursula Corberó the one who gives life to Tokyoone of the protagonists and of the most charismatic characters of the cast.

Surely eager to give it hype to this fourth season, the actress chose to do something that he had not done until now: share a live Instagram with another famous.

The direct of Úrsula Corberó

And eye because it is not to do precisely with either. It was none other than J Balvin that shared time with Corberó through the social networks as thousands of followers of both, and listened attentive to his conversation.

We were unaware that the relationship between them was so good. In fact, the singer, one of the most followed today, had no qualms in showing very happy to say that “I’m happy to be the first thing that will remove this virginity”speaking of the newness that was supposed to see Ursula for the first time in a direct.

And of course, taking into account how the landscape looks, the two shared how they are bringing these days. The actress catalana is located in Argentina where, as has been recognized, spends the days at home quietly.

In this sense, the singer wanted to reveal any of the secrets of Tokyo and asked for how to keep the physical form. Surprisingly for all his followers, the Catalan said that the sport is not part of your daily routine during this complicated time. In fact, as a joke, came to ensure that everything that you see on the screen is “touched up”.

We’ll see if, once lost since the ‘virginity’ 2.0 in terms of the direct of Instagram, the actress The House of Paper he gets the taste and bet by making more direct. His followers, of course, will continue to be very attentive to her.