We analyze the pros and cons of Disney+ after its launch in Spain


Is met a little over a week from the premiere of Disney+ in our country, the new platform streaming giant Disney has triumphed in Spain thanks in part to the exceptional situation in the midst of which he has had to take its first steps. On 24 march he began his career this bet of the factory for the family entertainment from the sofa of house, a possibility to which the spaniards are embracing more than ever as a result of the forced confinement in which we are plunged by the pandemic coronavirus.

  Release Disney+ in Spain

With these few days of experience with Disney+, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this platform that has come from the hand of very few originals, although some of them very powerful, as is the case of ‘The Mandalorian’ or ‘The world according to Jeff Goldblum’; and much the same as always, its classic and the series of Disney Channel that grew up a whole generation.

So we speak of the nostalgia in which he supported this proposal in streaming, your almost obsession because everything is absolutely white (with censorship of ass Daryl Hannah included) and bet on the quality of the picture that has left many users by the way.

The best of Disney+

There is No doubt at the time of affirming that which has swept Disney+ is ‘The Mandalorian’, the first series in the actual action of ‘Star Wars’. As with the rest of platforms we do not have audience data as suchbut according to Deadline, this original content attracted a lot of attention the day of its release in streaming. Based on the figures Parrot Analytics, the north american website ensures that on the 24th of march were collected 33 million samples of interest for the mandalorianowhen the first two episodes of this fiction were launched in seven european countries. Germany (7.9 M) was the one that let herself be seized by Baby Yoda, followed by Italy (6.5 M) and Spain (5M).