What Maluma already forgot to Natalia Barulich?


November 5, 2019 7:41 PM

The Medellin could be ready to follow your path next to a famous canadian model.

Just some days ago you confirmed the order of the relationship between Maluma and Natalia Barulich after the two years. The social networks of both were subjected to a cleaning of the photos that they had of each other, and the first rumors were pointing that the love was over in the wake of an infidelity, but now everything seems to indicate that the singer decided to turn the page, and is being linked with a canadian model.

According to the brazilian press, Natalia was involved with Neymar Jr., a good friend of Malumawhen the latter was on tour in Europe. However, none of the two mentioned names. Maluma has now been seen with the supermodel canadian Chantelle Brown-Young, better known as Winnie Harlow, famous for being the first mannequin with vitiligo.

It all began with the exchange of messages between Maluma and Winnie on social networks since the end of October. Even she was present at the concert offered by the Medellín at Madison Square Garden, in New York, and published a photo of Maluma wrote to him: “mommy” and she responded with emojis of kisses.

Even a comment from the aunt of Maluma, Yudy Arias was left to brew and did not go unnoticed: “see you soon”. After this first approach in networks emerged more messages that are making believe to the fans Maluma is ready to forget all what happened with his previous girlfriend and why not, to start a romance with Winnie.

During a
interview Natalia admitted
the end of the relationship, but it was defended of the accusations of infidelity.
Let us remember that the brazilian press had reported that Natalia and Neymar are
they met in the middle of the tour of Maluma for Europe, where they would have had
fortuitous encounters, until the colombian found out and terminated
all of the romance of two years.