With open legs! Cristina Pedroche is left to photograph I teaching this!


April 01, 2020
(12:51 CET)

Cristina Pedroche not for during confinement. The wife of David Muñoz it is not able to sit still.

The vallecana is accustomed to the action. The madrid-based non-stops from here to there. If advertising promotions, that if their collaborations in Zapeando, if its short breaks to London to see her husband… And that of being at home locked up not going with it.

Cristina Pedroche is not for nor confined

And for burn the energy, Cristina spent the day doing exercise and yoga. The collaborator of Atresmedia not to carry out their routines sports. Don’t want to lose one iota of its state-of-shape.

Tables Pedroche share with all your followers daily in your account Instagramboth on your wall and in your stories. Publications that are thousands of reactions in the form of “Likes” and comments.

And it is not for less, because they Cristina makes clear his great physical condition despite being confined. It is clear that their previous work has given good results, and as you can see, without going more far, in one of the latest snapshots that ascended the stories of your account of Instagram.

Cristina Pedroche sweeps with this photo

On it appears the it girl in the hallway of his house, where it tends to be in place to make sport, to walk, and with the legs fully open. It is almost a spagat in vertical.

Cristina Pedroche legs

An image that belongs to one of the last videos I hung up and that has generated a barrage of compliments towards madrid. “My mother, Cristina, you are wonderful”, “To give” or “Pedroche is better than ever”, write some of their followers.

Do not miss the video that is the rage among their fans yen which Cristina he gives you everything. Accumulates up to half a million reproductions in less than a day. Attention.